As a youth empowerment program committed to providing curriculum that addresses the whole person, it is important to us that you hear from our Youth Ambassadors personally to discover the impact our program has on under-served teens in the Kansas City area.  Through the generosity of supporters like you, we are able to continue to pay teens minimum wage to be Ambassadors in our program and take valuable classes in writing, art, public speaking, and life skills to name a few. Below are some of the answers we received to the question:  “What does Youth Ambassadors mean to you”?  We invite you to read these powerful writings and join us in making a difference in the lives of teens across the city.

“To me, Youth Ambassadors is an escape route.  I can come here

and leave the stress from school, my house, and just life in general.

Without YA I would have been lost. It has helped me cope with my

problems, find real jobs for the real world, and pay bills for my

parents. Thank you YA for giving me a chance and not giving

up on me when others did.” 

“Youth Ambassadors means a life not spent behind bars; it means finally

realizing a dream; it means being able to make art that means something.

Besides taking valuable classes, my job as a Youth Ambassador is to teach

the next generation by example.”

YA is like a home to me.  It is a place where I can express

myself both physically and emotionally. This place, these

people, are a second family to me.”

“Youth Ambassadors means hope to me.  Personally, YA has

made me more confident.  Now I am able to stand up

 for myself, make more friends, and grow as a person.”