Dear Youth Ambassadors,

How can you get over small things and try not to be friends with everyone? The problem is I try to be friends with people who don’t want to be friends with me. I hate when you try to be friends with people, and they stab you in the back. I just want to have a group of friends I can count on without worrying. I thought I had one friend. I called him brother and took him to my grandmother’s home, and he just stopped talking to me. I wasn’t mad about it, but that was wrong. I just want to have friends on a positive note and not the ones that use me.


Wanting True Friends

Dear Wanting True Friends,

That is really unfortunate about your friend. I’ve gone through the same situation before. I’ve learned that the people in your life are usually a reflection of yourself. I say this meaning that you attract the same energy that you give off. I think that you should focus on your self-growth and being positive and you will attract the people you need in your life.

A friend Who Cares