Dear Youth Ambassadors,

I am 15 years old and have both of my parents in my life. The three of us tell each other everything. My mother tells me things but waits a long time to tell me. There was a guy named Steve, and I knew him as my Godfather. I knew who Steve was my whole life, but I didn’t know he was my biological father until my mom told me. I was named after the man who has been raising me since I was born. When I was seven I asked my mom who was my real father, because I heard my auntie say, “Truth’s real daddy…” I asked my mom the question again, and she ignored me. I saw Steve and realized we looked kind of alike. Once I realized we looked like each other, I never said anything. When I turned 15 my mom finally told me Steve was my real father. She said she didn’t tell me when I was younger because she felt he was too young at the time I was born. I was sad, and angry, and stayed up all night after she told me. I was angry with my mom for months after she told me, and I’m still angry today. My mom and I haven’t been as close as we were ever since she told me that big secret. I just need advice that will help me and my mother’s relationship.



Dear Truth,

The best thing in all relationships is communication. You have to talk to each other. Talk to your mother and ask her why she didn’t tell you. I can understand how hard that may be. However, I also know that even parents make mistakes sometimes. Just talk with her and try to be understanding. Relationships take work.

Talk it Out