Dear Youth Ambassadors,

My Stepdad is a real asshole. He is always yelling at my mom and I. My mom can’t have a conversation with him without it turning into an argument. He doesn’t let my mom make any decisions for herself. He never hits her, but he is very verbally abusive. How could my mom and I change the way he is?


Stepdad Situation

Dear Stepdad Situation,

First off, your mom is not in a healthy relationship, you should speak to her about this. It takes two to be in a committed relationship. Your stepdad just wants everything to go his way, and all he thinks about is himself. Your mom doesn’t need to be with him since he is verbally abusive. She should step up, before that night turned into something worse. She needs a break from your stepdad before she gets fed up and does something crazy.


A Youth That Understands