With our mission of helping our Ambassadors become productive community members, we have developed a life skills course that focusses on the whole person.  Smart choices are emphasized in every aspect of our programming as we teach fiscal responsibility, soft job skills, communication skills, goal setting, anger management, crisis resolution, recognition of impediments to personal success and healthy living.

As students receive bi-weekly paychecks for their work in this program, professionals from the community are brought in to teach them fiscal responsibility. Knowledge of basic financial planning, budgets, and bank accounts is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Business etiquette is taught, including personal presentation, proper greetings, effective introductions, first impressions, the “handshake”, eye contact, time management and effective communication skills.  All of our Ambassadors participate in mock interviews and develop a personal resume.

In addition, as part of our personal-growth module, experts in the field educate our students on healthy relationship building and lifestyle choices.