Dear Youth Ambassadors,

My aunt thinks I want attention. I really don’t. She only thinks that, because I like being by myself, and she has seen the scars on my arm. When people ask me, “How did you get those on your arms?” or “Why did you do this to yourself?” I don’t ever have a response. When people ask those types of things I think of my “old self” and how great I was to me, but bad from another person’s perspective in life. The summer of 2012 was when I started smoking. In the summer of 2013 I started drinking. And the summer and school year of 2015 is when I started cutting more and more. I hate when people pay attention to me.

Leave Me Alone

Dear Leave Me Alone,

Yes, it’s bad you cut yourself. My sister cuts herself too. Sometimes she sits there and cries, and sometimes I grab the knife from her. You’re not doing it for attention. You’re doing it because something is hurting you, and you can’t tell anybody. I am here. You can talk to me. You shouldn’t cut yourself. You might cut too far and really hurt yourself. Cutting doesn’t make you feel better. You’re making your body ugly, and it’s so beautiful the way it is.

I’m Here For You