Dear Youth Ambassadors,

I am 16, but will be 17 in a couple of days. I have known my girlfriend for two years. She is my first girlfriend. Now, after a few months of dating, I want her to marry me. If she says yes, this will be our first time ever getting married. I keep hearing people say, “keep your options open.” She told me she is 15, and I am 16, and she wants to take it slowly, but if she breaks up with me and dates other guys my heart will forever be broken. YA, I want to be sure she is the person I want to spend my entire life with. Sometimes I wish we had a child, because I’ve always wanted to be a father. I love her so much, but I don’t want her’s or my heart to be broken.


A Hopeless Romantic

Dear Hopeless Romantic,

I am also 16, so I understand what it’s like to be a teenager dealing with love and relationships. Love is a beautiful thing. I believe it to be one of the strongest forces that exist. As a believer in the power of love, I’m not going to tell you that you’re too young, or that you’re being unreasonable. Because the reality is that our hearts are all we really have to hold on to, and you should follow it, always. But I will say that every decision is an important one. Think long and hard about your future and where you want to be in your life. Think about if you are truly ready in all aspects for a child and marriage. It’s okay to change your mind if you do. Don’t be scared of heartbreak, because there is always more room to love again and again.

A Friend Who Also Believes in Love