Dear Youth Ambassadors,

I am writing to you today to ask for help in a certain situation in my life. The problem is with the school I attend. I don’t like this school at all, and it is unbearable coming here everyday. As a teen I feel like this school is treating me like a child or a young kid. This school is named “… College Prep,” but who is it really preparing for college? I hate this school with a passion. The staff has a select group of teachers who “actually” care about its students. And that’s about two or three in my eyes. The school does nothing to help you socially, academically or personally. The rules are ridiculous and made to make the staff’s lives easier, but not the students. Nothing here is fair for my fellow peers, and that makes one defiant. I don’t want to be in a place where there is little freedom, but yet again they call themselves “… College Prep.” Now that I stated the problem, I want to know how you can help me. Can you give me some useful information that will help me solve this problem or at least some good advice to help me get through this?


Hater of School

Dear Hater of School,

My father once gave me some good advice. I was sitting on the couch complaining about some stuff that really bothered me when he responded by saying, “I’ll be damned if I am going to watch you sit on that couch and complain. If you really care, get up and do something about it.” Instead of having a ‘mightier than thou’ attitude, do something. Have you presented some reasonable ideas to your principal? Rationally? Change comes in small steps. Don’t expect everything to change overnight. But nothing changes if you don’t try.

A Friend