Dear Youth Ambassadors,

I go through a lot of stuff in life, but my main problem is with my mother. We don’t have a connection like most moms and daughters do. We barely see each other. If I barely feel comfortable talking to her, how do I tell her how I feel about our situation? I feel like she has a stronger connection with my older brothers than she does with her only girl. Sometimes I don’t know how to feel about the situation. My mom and I never spent time together when I was younger. Whenever I see my friends and their moms out together, I get kind of jealous. My mom makes false promises, and it hurts when she can’t fulfill what she says. How would you feel if your parent made promises he or she couldn’t keep? My mom is a child in a grown-ups body. It’s a tragedy; a heartbreak.


Disconnected From Mom

Dear Disconnected From Mom,

I can completely relate to your situation. I think the best thing for you and your mom is communication. Tell your mom how you feel. Chances are that she is not even aware of how you feel or how she is affecting you. Chances are that you could even be affecting her in a way that she’s never expressed to you. Communicate with each other honestly about your feelings and boundaries. Relationships take practice and work just like anything else.

A Friend